EARTH A.D. 40th Anniversary Edition

40th Anniversary Edition
Based on the vintage gear used during the original recording sessions
Ships with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • Price $ 249.99

Behold the EARTH A.D. pedal! Now available on pre-order

This 40th anniversary LIMITED EDITION is crafted to bring you the MISFITS unforgettable tone in one compact package.

Inspired by the vintage equipment used by the MISFITS during their historic recording sessions, this is your ultimate tool for recreating the legendary sound.

The controls: Bass / Treble / Drvie / Ripping / Volume

The pedal also contains a hidden internal switch to give you two distinct playing modes. 

Each pedal ships with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jerry Only

Each pedal is built from highest quality audio components and guitar-tested in the EU. It is 100% ready for studio and stage.

Explore the tone

Controls, aka Dial, Dial, Dial My Darling


  • Bass: This hallowed dial governs the ebb and flow of bass frequencies. Neutral at center, with a grandeur of bass when turned clockwise. 

  • Treble: The master of treble frequencies. Unleashes treble heights when turned clockwise. Counterclockwise, it veils their brilliance. 

  • Drive: The conductor of distortion and compression, a mirror to the Gain control of your amp.

  • Ripping: Adds a deep growl to your tone.

  • Volume: You know what it does.


The internal switch gives you two distinct playing modes:

  • Loud and Bright: For a loud, clear tone, singing with power. Perfect if you seek high clarity and presence.

  • Warm and subdued: Softer, warm sound, perfect for a vintage, mellow tone.