WOLFS BLOOD 40th Anniversary Edition

40th anniversary edition
Ultra limited edition featuring the rare European album cover art
138 pieces only with a signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • Price $ 249.99

Behold the WOLFS BLOOD pedal!

This 40th anniversary LIMITED EDITION is crafted to bring you the MISFITS unforgettable tone in one compact package.

Available on pre-order now and limited to 138 pieces only, WOLFS BLOOD is here to celebrate 40 years of the MISFITS seminal record, never to return. BECAUSE OF THE ULTRA-LIMITED RUN, THESE PEDALS ARE LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER ONLY.

Inspired by the vintage equipment used by the MISFITS during their historic recording sessions, this is your ultimate tool for recreating the legendary sound.

The controls: Bass / Treble / Drvie / Ripping / Volume

The pedal also contains a hidden internal switch to give you two distinct playing modes. 

Each pedal ships with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jerry Only

Each pedal is built from highest quality audio components and guitar-tested in the EU. It is 100% ready for studio and stage.

Explore the tone

Controls, aka Dial, Dial, Dial My Darling


  • Bass: This hallowed dial governs the ebb and flow of bass frequencies. Neutral at center, with a grandeur of bass when turned clockwise. 

  • Treble: The master of treble frequencies. Unleashes treble heights when turned clockwise. Counterclockwise, it veils their brilliance. 

  • Drive: The conductor of distortion and compression, a mirror to the Gain control of your amp.

  • Ripping: Adds a deep growl to your tone.

  • Volume: You know what it does.


The internal switch gives you two distinct playing modes:

  • Loud and Bright: For a loud, clear tone, singing with power. Perfect if you seek high clarity and presence.

  • Warm and subdued: Softer, warm sound, perfect for a vintage, mellow tone.